Polaroid Girls

Six Stars Agency

Create a unique and interactive experience for your event! Meet our professional Polaroid girls! With their Polaroid cameras, they capture spontaneous photos that are instantly printed! Guests and other event attendees can take the picture home right away!

The Polaroid girl at your event

The Polaroid girl is a hostess at your event who, with her charming and enthusiastic personality, ensures an unforgettable experience. Equipped with a Polaroid camera that prints images instantly, she takes spontaneous photos of guests and other attendees. These photos are printed immediately, creating a tangible memory that can be taken home on the spot.

Engage and create immediate memories

The presence of the Polaroid girl at your event fosters a fun and interactive atmosphere. Guests and visitors are encouraged to participate in creating Polaroid photos, providing them with a tangible memento of your special occasion. Whether it’s a corporate party, wedding, birthday celebration, or any other event, the Polaroid girls add an extra touch of fun and magic.

Professional Polaroid girls services

Our professional Polaroid girls are trained in customer service and have experience working at various events. They know how to enhance the atmosphere and engage people in creating Polaroid photos. With their friendly and enthusiastic approach, they ensure that your guests feel comfortable and leave with a smile on their faces holding the photos.

Make the most of your event with Polaroid girls!

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience with Six Stars Agency Polaroid girls. Foster engagement, create immediate memories, and give your guests something tangible to take home. We offer the option to print the photos on a classic Polaroid or with a unique custom frame that suits your event/organization. Contact us today and discover how our professional Polaroid Girls can provide the sixth star to your event.

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